The Partridge Family Episode #10

The Partridge Family Episode #10

The Partridge Family Episode #10

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The Partridge Family

Hello! What a beautiful day it is today! Thank you for joining me here with my blog about The Partridge Family Episode #10. This episode is about when the family plays a concert at a jail and they end up having to stay there overnight. This is entitled Go Directly to Jail and originally aired on November 27, 1970.

The opening scene is of Shirley driving the bus on the way to the gig. Reuben is sitting there in the front seat talking to her. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I didn’t think Reuben rode the bus that often. Mmmm…..maybe I’m wrong. It has happened before. Once.

Chris is Packing

Chris is pretending he has a gun and is shooting it at Tracy. Shirley tells him to never shoot his finger at anyone. Jeremy Gelbwaks is so cute in this scene. I wish he could have stayed on as Chris Partridge after the first season. I guess Chris is shooting guns because he’s thinking about their upcoming concert at a prison. Awesome. Maybe he can do a little arson too. Then he can rob someone. Then he can beat up a transvestite. Oh, wait. Never mind.

The family arrives at the prison and gets ready for their concert. After performing “Singing My Song”, Shirley talks to the inmates. She talks about how they’re a captive audience. So funny. Not. She then says “in some real way, we’re all prisoners”. Is she serious? The prisoners should have attacked her at that point. Stupid line.

BTW, Chris’ drumming drives me crazy. He’s holding the sticks way far back and they have him sitting on a milking stool. Where is his drum throne? Why is the hi-hat so far away from him?

After Shirley’s lame comment, they sing “Only a Moment Ago” which I love. The lyrics are pretty cool and gain more meaning as I get older. I think it’s rare that the family sing two songs back to back like this in an episode. I like.

The Quarantine

Inmate Hank Buford set the whole gig up so that he could get the family to listen to his songs. When Reuben won’t allow him to talk to the family, he pretends that his buddy was exposed to some stuff and now everyone needs to be quarantined. Silly plot that’s not realistic, but what are you going to do? Hank’s buddy (the one who was allegedly exposed to the disease) has the thermometer in his mouth and right after that Reuben has it in his. Gross. Did they not sterilize stuff back then?

There’s not enough room for the family as far as sleeping arrangements go, so Keith, Danny, and Reuben end up in a jail cell. They start talking to the inmates in the cell across from them. How come they don’t know they’re The Partridge Family? Didn’t they just see the concert? Anyhoo, Reuben is all uptight while Keith and Danny are relaxed. Reuben is pretty darn funny.

Keith plays through one of the songs that Hank handed him and everyone loves it. Everyone, that is, except for gigantic Max who actually wrote the songs.

Dave Madden Ztams Teen Pinups
Reuben Kincaid

The Threat

Reuben finds a threatening note in his pancakes the next morning from Max. When Max confronts Shirley and tells her those are his songs, she is very surprised since they’re tender love songs. To help find out who really wrote the songs, Shirley suggests putting Hank and Max alone in a room for a few hours and see who writes a song. Max comes up with kind of a lame song but says it’s because he was pressured. Hank writes down an already published song that he thinks Shirley hasn’t heard before. She catches him in the lie and everyone realizes that big tough Max wrote the sappy crappy love songs.

I didn’t love The Partridge Family Episode #10 but it was okay. I thought the stand out star of this episode was Reuben (Dave Madden). He was pretty funny. I love any scenes with him and Danny Bonaduce. Those two are great together and I know they shared a special bond in real life.

Thank you so much for reading my review of The Partridge Family Episode #10. Please come back soon!


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