The Partridge Family Episode #12

The Partridge Family Episode #12
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Keith Partridge

The Partridge Family Episode #12

Hello! Thanks for stopping in! Here is my review of The Partridge Family Episode #12. This episode originally aired on December 11, 1970 and is called “My Son, The Feminist”. It’s about Keith trying to impress a chick who is all about women’s rights and equality. She wants his family to sing at the Big Dick Chick rally but then wants them to change all of their lyrics because she feels they’re offensive to women. Dumb.

The scene opens with Shirley vacuuming her groovy shag carpet. The vacuum cleaner seems to have a mind of its own and keeps turning off and on. What purpose did that serve the storyline? It wasn’t funny.

POW and Morality Watchdogs

Shirley stops vacuuming to answer a phone call from the principal of the high school. He informs Shirley that The Partridge Family has been booked to play at a controversial rally next Monday held by the POW. POW is an acronym for Power of Women. Stupid. There’s another group of people who oppose the POW called the Morality Watchdogs and they’re all pissy that the Partridges are going to appear. Whatever. Get a life. Mind your own business.  Get off my lawn.

Partridge Family Episode #12 Ztams Teen PInups & Magazines
Keith, Laurie, and Danny Partridge

Shirley knows nothing about the gig so she tries to find out which person said they’d appear at the rally. After Danny and Laurie say they don’t know anything about it, Shirley finds out that Keith is the one who promised the family would appear. He’s dating this chick named Tina who I guess wears the pants. Keith tries to talk to her about the gig but she’s playing her big dick card. Tina already had posters printed up saying the family would appear even though Keith never confirmed. At this point, the family would look bad if they didn’t appear.

Shirley’s Stand-In

The Morality Watchdogs come over to Shirley’s house and aren’t very nice to her. What a bunch of stupid people. FYI, the blonde woman in the Watchdogs is actually a stand-in for Shirley Jones. I guess it’s nice they gave her some lines for this episode. Anyway, the Watchdogs threaten Shirley and tell her she better not appear at the POW rally. Shirley gets pissed off and decides to perform. She’ll show them! Don’t tell me I can’t do something!

Big dick Tina comes over for dinner so the family can all meet her. Chris and Tracy FINALLY make an appearance in this episode. They really should have used them more often. Cute kids.

The Ass Shot

It’s the day of the rally and the Watchdogs storm the Partridge bus with their picket signs. Get a life. I find it funny that this episode is about women’s rights and equality but one of the camera shots is on a chick’s ass. They start the shot ON her ass and then widen out as she walks away. Nice. Who thought of that? The rally is freakin’ huge! There must be at least 12 people there.

Just before The Partridges go on, big dick Tina comes up and tells Keith that the song lyrics aren’t cool. She wants them to sing songs out of a Women’s Liberation songbook. Hahahaha! Keith gets pissed off and wants to quit but Shirley talks him into going on. Tina tells Keith he can’t just “walk out here and assert your manhood”. I like when my guy asserts his manhood.

The band sings I Think I Love You which was released as a single in August and was already certified gold by the time this episode aired. It received an award for the fastest selling single of 1970 and went on to sell over five million copies. The music is so groovy and awesome that everyone at the rally forgets about the Big Dick Chicks and the Morality Watchdogs and starts tapping their toes. The Partridge music is just that powerful. It brings everyone together. The end.

I sure hope you enjoyed my review of The Partridge Family Episode #12. Please come back again soon!


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