The Partridge Family Episode #17

The Partridge Family Episode #17
The Partridge Family Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines
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The Partridge Family Episode #17

Welcome to my review of The Partridge Family Episode #17! The episode is entitled Why Did the Music Stop and originally aired on January 22, 1971. Hey! That’s the day my sister Lisa was born. I think she was born at 7:47 that evening. I probably missed the show that night. This episode is about Shirley wanting to take time off. Didn’t this just happen a few episodes ago? Anyway, she suggests the family take six months off from show business. The kids agree to do this only because they think Shirley’s suggestion is due to the hot doctor in town. Turns out the doc just wanted to use the band to look at songs he had written.

FYI, the number one song on the day this episode aired was Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn. That song is about a loser and Morse code. Something like that. Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. Twice on the pipe if the answer is no. How ’bout you take your lazy ass out the apartment and go talk to her instead of knocking on ceilings and pipes and stuff?

Grocery Shopping

The opening scene is of Shirley and the family in the grocery store. Why do they all have their own shopping cart? Shirley runs into some crazy lazy who she used to work with at the bank. Mabel is telling Shirley all about Hortense and the others at the bank. Where did they get these names? Mabel was yacking on about child stars having crappy lives. Made me think of Danny Bonaduce. Anyway, Mabel got Shirley thinking about the abnormal life the kids lead.

Jeremy Gelbwaks The Partridge Family Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups
Chris Partridge

The family sings “I’m Here, You’re Here” that night in performance. Why is Laurie sitting on a chair? Did they not bring a piano bench or stool? Tracy looks lost. I remember loving this episode as a kid because they show Jeremy Gelbwaks (Chris) almost playing in time. There’s a cute little close up where he does a fill around the kit and almost nails it. So cute! Danny doesn’t know the words to the song he’s singing.

In the dressing room after the show, Shirley is concerned because Chris is passed out. Laurie explains that he works harder than anyone fake playing the drums every night. Shirley informs the family that they’re all going in for physicals the next day and they’re going to start acting like a normal family. What’s good about being normal?

Shirley Jones The Partridge Family Episode #17 Ztams Teen Pinups
Shirley Jones

Dr. Porn Star

The next scene is in the doctor’s office where Richard Mulligan walks in looking like a porn star. Dr. Lucas is in pediatrics and is the one who delivered Tracy. His office is down the block, but he stopped by to cancel a lunch date when he runs into Shirley. He needs to get back to work but asks Shirley if he can call her. Shirley tells him yes and that she’s in the book. Really? A famous celebrity has their number listed in the phone book? That doesn’t make sense.

Shirley asks the kids if they want to take six months off. None of them want to of course, but Laurie brings the kids into the garage for a private talk. She explains that mama has got the hots for this doctor. The kids agree to take some time off so their mom can love on Dr. Lucas.

Danny lures the doctor to their house so he and Shirley can get closer. The doctor admits to Shirley that he’s been stalking her for the last couple of months. Shirley says she’s flattered. I wouldn’t be. I would be freaked out, especially by this guy’s moustache. There could be a family of four living in there. He then admitted his showing up at the doctor’s office that day wasn’t an accident. Even more creepy.

Popping the Question?

The doctor has indicated that he has a big question to ask Shirley. Everyone assumes he’s going to propose marriage, but he ends up asking her to look at some songs he’s written. The music ends up sucking but Keith likes the lyrics. Reuben makes some lame crack at the end of the show that I can’t understand. The end.

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