The Partridge Family Episode #20

The Partridge Family Episode #20
The Partridge Family Episode #20 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Reuben Kincaid

The Partridge Family Episode #20

Welcome to my review of The Partridge Family Episode #20. This particular episode was called, “They Shoot Managers, Don’t They?” and originally aired on February 12, 1971. The Partridge Family Episode #20 focuses on Reuben and how he needs a woman. He meets a woman who ends up being all controlling and who wants him to quit The Partridge Family. Oh no!

The show opens with Shirley pretending to clean the oven. Keith is relaxing on the sofa with his guitar while Tracy plays with her dolly. Laurie is reading. The doorbell rings and Chris & Danny run down the stairs and fight over who gets to answer the door. Shirley answers and it’s Reuben.

Reuben is pissed off because Danny set up a “date” with Bonnie Kleinschmidt who I guess turned out to be a whore. (She becomes his girlfriend in later episodes so who’s the whore now?) I guess Bonnie chased after Reuben and smothered him with kisses. Goodness. Danny’s reason for doing this is because Mom mentioned something about how Mr. Kincaid needs a wife. I wonder why Shirley and Reuben never hooked up. Mmm….

Princess Cathleen

The Partridge Family Episode #20 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
In love….

Shirley decides to play matchmaker herself by inviting Reuben and Cathleen D’Arcy (played by Nancy Malone) to a backyard barbecue. Shirley used to work at a bank before she became a singing star and knows Cathleen from there. Reuben acts like a puppy dog (it’s kind of cute but also pathetic) and starts sucking up to Cathleen. They hit it off.

Cut to a silly montage of Reuben and Cathleen running through the park in really ugly clothes. The song playing is She’d Rather Have the Rain. I’d rather have the band shown when playing their songs instead of this crapola.

Reuben announces that he and Cathleen are getting married. The family is super happy. Chris looks gorgeous while Tracy gets all the lines. Bummer. Laurie asks, “Well, what are your plans? I mean after the honeymoon? Are you going to buy a house? Are you going to have kids?” Hey, Laurie. Quit being so nosy. Go eat a carrot.

Reuben Quits

The family’s happiness turns to sadness as Reuben tells them he’s going to start working for Cathleen now instead of managing the family. Everyone looks super sad and Tracy fake cries.

Reuben confesses to Shirley that he’s freaking out about this marriage. He’s concerned because Cathleen doesn’t seem to have any faults. I guess she hasn’t farted in front of him yet. Shirley says, “She couldn’t be perfect. She’s in love with you.” Good one, Shirley! BTW, Reuben is wearing this see-thru shirt that’s really short. I don’t understand the fashion back then.

The Partridges go on tour to Seattle. That’s what the sign shows anyway. I’m sure they’re on the back lot of Paramount. This is the first tour without Reuben. The trouble begins when they’re only given a single room instead of a suite. The publicity photos that were supposed to go to the newspaper didn’t because phone calls were not handled properly. Shirley is going crazy while Chris plays with his baseball mitt. Tracy is excited because she found her toy lawnmower. Tracy is mowing the hotel rug and mows right into the closet. When Keith enters, the door to the closet closes. Yay! Lock Tracy in a closet and give my Chris more lines. Keith is upset because the sound system for the gig is crap. Shirley just got a call telling her the band has three shows on Saturday night. She freaks because she doesn’t allow her children to stay up that late, but it’s in the contract. This never would have happened if Reuben were in charge.


The Partridge Family’s Up To Date album (my favorite) was released this month. It stayed at number 3 on the Billboard charts for four weeks, stayed on the charts for a year, and was number 1 in Canada.

Cut to Reuben and Cathleen making out in her car. Danny calls her car phone. Wait. They had car phones back then? Danny tells Mr. Kincaid about the problems they’re having which gets Reuben all worked up. That makes Danny smile. What a cute kid. It seems to me that Reuben is way more passionate about managing The Partridge Family than he is about marrying Cathleen. Reuben tells Danny that he misses the family. Cathleen is looking on all pissed off because she’s a princess.

After the phone call ends, Cathleen gets her bitch on. She talks about how it must suck traveling around in a bus with FIVE kids. Ugh. There are kids everywhere and you can never get away from them. I know Reuben couldn’t find anything wrong with her in the beginning, but I saw plenty. He now knows that she doesn’t like kids. And she smells bad.

He’s Back!

Reuben shows up in Seattle and surprises the family. He makes up some lame story about how Cathleen will inherit a fortune if she never marries. He confides in Shirley that he finally found Cathleen’s flaw in that she doesn’t like children. Danny is listening on the other side of the door and yells to the other kids, “Guess what? Mr. Kincaid likes kids!” His secret is out.

The Partridge Family is whole again and everyone is happy. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of The Partridge Family Episode #20. I’ll be back soon with another.


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