The Partridge Family Episode #21

The Partridge Family Episode #21
The Partridge Family Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Annette & Robby

The Partridge Family Episode #21

The Partridge Family Episode #21 is called A Partridge Up a Pear Tree and originally aired on February 19, 1971. The number one song that week here in the U.S. was One Bad Apple by The Osmond Brothers. This Partridge Family episode features Annette O’Toole as Keith’s girlfriend. I know her as Robby Benson’s girlfriend in One on One.

The Partridge Family Episode #21 is basically about Keith being poor. He buys a 1952 Hudson that looks like an abandoned vehicle and throws a bunch of money into it. He doesn’t have money, so he borrows from everyone and panhandles in front of the 7-11. I hope you enjoy my review.

The show opens with Keith cleaning a really ugly, dirty car. It looks like something my grandpa used to keep on the farm with all the other abandoned and broken-down vehicles. Reuben and Shirley drive up in his Malibu. Nice car, Reuben. They’ve just come from the grocery store and look like a married couple. Managers are supposed to drive their clients to the grocery store?

Keith asks Reuben for $25 so he can make his car payment. I wonder how much that piece of crap cost. He then begs his mom for money. Then he starts in on Laurie for money.  Chris is next.

KEITH: “Hiya Chris old buddy. How’d you like to go for a ride in my car?
CHRIS: I’d love to go for a ride in your car Keith but I’m not going to give you any money.

Perfect delivery, Chris. He’s my favorite. Did you know that?

Keith then sets his sights on Tracy. She’s got nothing. His last resort is Danny, Mr. Money Bags.

BTW, David Cassidy’s hair looks really good in this episode.

The Partridge Family Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
At least my hair looks good.


Danny wants Keith to sign over power of attorney so that Danny can handle all of Keith’s finances. Keith signs over his life to Danny and now Danny handles his budget. I love budgets. I love YNAB. Check out You Need A Budget if you have money troubles. It’s life changing. Anyway, Danny is now Keith’s business manager and manages his budget for him.

Cut to the family sitting around the dinner table taking jabs at Keith and his car. There was good dialogue and funny stuff from all.

The next scene is of them singing “You Are Always on My Mind” at their gig. The gig was only 30 miles away and Keith wanted to drive his car, but Danny wouldn’t give him money for gas. Good job, Danny. That’s a complete waste of money.


GAF used The Partridge Family Episode #21 for their first Partridge Family View Master. I had one of those! This reel was called The Money Manager.

Keith takes his girlfriend, Carol, to a kiddie matinee. He brings his own popcorn and other treats to save money. I love it! Danny informs them that the whole bag of popcorn only cost nine cents to make. Do you know how much money you can spend buying popcorn and snacks at the movies? I always sneak in my own treats, but I rarely go to the movies. I can wait for it to come out on Netflix. Seems like a waste of money to me. I think Danny is my spirit animal.

Carol wants Keith to tell her the truth about why he’s so cheap. Keith isn’t honest with her, so she gets pissed and runs off. Keith tries to catch her in his car, but it won’t start. Of course.

Shirley tells Keith to get a job so that he can quit panhandling. Keith tries to be a plumber. He looks cute in his overalls but is dumb as dirt. Keith then tries selling vegetable slicers. He ends up buying one for his mom instead. His next job is being a paper boy. He breaks a window when a cute girl walks by. He ends up owing money after his three jobs. Keith is a failure.

Keith finally decides to be honest with Carol. He explains that his money from his gigs go into a trust fund for college. She’s very cool about him being poor and says she doesn’t like him for his money. That’s sweet.

The Partridge Family Episode #21 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Jack of all trades. Master of none.

Paying Off Debts

The family minus Keith sit around the table. Keith walks in wearing a tux. He has envelopes to distribute to all who he borrowed money from. He is paid in full with everyone and then tells the family he needs go take his girlfriend to the prom. They run after him and question him about where the money came from. My guess would be prostitution. Turns out he sold his beloved car.

The tag is of the family (including Reuben) playing monopoly. Keith runs in super excited due to his new purchase. He bought an ugly motorcycle. The three kids all jump on and seem genuinely excited to play on it. Keith starts begging for money and the cycle (no pun intended) begins again.


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