The Partridge Family Episode #26

The Partridge Family Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
New Chris and Old Chris

The Partridge Family Episode #26

Welcome to Season Two of The Partridge Family! The Partridge Family Episode #26 originally aired on September 17, 1971 and is entitled Dora, Dora, Dora. This begins the season of sadness for me as Brian Forster replaced my beloved Jeremy Gelbwaks as Chris Partridge. At least the casting director got someone who looked exactly like the old Chris. Sarcasm, people.

There’s a different beginning because there’s a different Chris. Sad face. Brian Forster begins his Partridge Family career with this episode.

The show opens with the family exhausted in the living room. Reuben walks in and they tell him that’s the hardest tour he’s ever booked. Then he tells the family that he’s booked them for Saturday. They all get up and act like they’re going to whoop on him. I guess he owes someone a favor for giving him a deal on his stereo, so he prostituted out The Partridge Family. And one other thing. The guy Reuben owes a favor to is insisting his daughter Dora sing with the family. Way to pimp out the family, Reuben.

The Partridge Family Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars
Dumb Dora’s boyfriend

Dumb Dora

Cut to Dora singing in her clueless tone-deaf way. I’m not a singer, but I couldn’t sound that bad even if I tried. Props to whoever was able to do that. The camera pans to each family member and they have that “Oh my god, are you stupid?” look on their face. When they pan to Keith, he has a big happy joyful smile. I guess he is only hearing with his eyes (and maybe something else).

Shirley is trying to explain to Keith why he’s stupid and can’t hear how bad Dora sounds. She says, “When a young man sees a beautiful girl, things happen. His heart beats faster and all the blood rushes to his heart.” Uhh…..Shirley, dear. That’s not where the blood is going.

FYI, Brian Forster’s first line is, “He’s back!” Keith comes in and the family is waiting for him with a recording of someone who wants to get into show business. It’s really a recording of Dumb Dora and they’re tricking Keith. They figure he’ll be able to hear since her beauty isn’t right in front of him. They play the tape for Keith and he gets that same spoiled milk look on his face. When the family tells him it’s Dora, he appears devasted.

Keith tries to tell Dora she’s canned but doesn’t have the guts when he looks into her beautiful face. Instead of giving her the boot, he asks her to go steady. Shirley goes to talk to Dora’s dad to tell him she sucks. Turns out that dad is clueless and dumb also. Shirley tells him that she doesn’t think Dora has had enough professional training. Dad poo poos her because HE has taught her everything he knows. So, dad sucks too.

Dora’s Performance

The gig has arrived and the band sings I Woke Up in Love This Morning. Although I adore Jeremy Gelbwaks as Chris, Brian Forster is much better at fake playing the drums. Reuben fixes the whole Dora situation by dressing her like a whore. The men in the audience are clapping so loud and whistling that they never hear her sing. She ends up getting a standing ovation. Slut.

The Partridge Family Episode #26 Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child StarsTrivia

  • Dumb Dora was played by Robin/Robyn Millan. She continued acting until 1984. Not sure what she’s doing now.
  • Dora’s clueless dad was played by Jack Burns. His last acting credit was in 2003. I think he’s mainly a writer now…..or retired. He’s in his 80’s now.
  • I’ll Meet You Halfway was released in between the end of season one and the beginning of season two. It was the family’s third single and reached number nine on the charts.
  • Morning Rider on the Road was the scheduled single to be released. Not sure why they switched or why that song was never released as a single. FYI, Morning Rider on the Road was originally written for Glen Campbell.

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Partridge Family Episode #26. Please come back soon!

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  1. Hilarious as usual! I remember in a Tiger Beat article Brian mentioned something about knowing how to play the drums and hoping to be able to play for real on the show. Stop it! Nobody likes you Brian!

    1. Aw, let’s not be mean to Brian just because we love Jeremy the most. Brian WAS by far the better drummer, but I’ll always be a fan of Jeremy.

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