The Partridge Family Episode #6

Hello again! Thanks for coming back! Herein lies the sixth installment of Ztams Partridge Family review! Woot woot! The Partridge Family Episode #6 originally aired on October 16, 1970 and is called Love at First Slight. It’s basically about Keith not doing well with his newfound success as a teen idol. He has to constantly run from hundreds of girls chasing him. It’s actually only five girls who are chasing him, but whatever makes you feel important Keith….

The show opens with beautiful Shirley in the kitchen fake chopping vegetables. Keith walks in dressed as Gilligan. He’s being all pissy because girls are chasing him. Susan Dey (Laurie) really needs some eyebrow work done. Keith is bitching and moaning about girls signing up for the same classes as him, cheering for him at the basketball game, following him home, and more. Poor baby. He’s complaining about all this while a strange young girl named Cathy sits in the corner and drools over him. Apparently, Shirley found her in her azalea bed and invited her in. Keith acts like a prick to her. I don’t have an azalea bed but if I found anyone on my property, I’d do a Clint Eastwood Get off my lawn. I wouldn’t invite them in. Crazy Shirley!

Partridge Dialogue

Partridge Family Ztams teen Pinups

Tracy, Danny, and Reuben

TRACY: I like you, Mr. Kincaid.
REUBEN: Thanks.
DANNY: She hasn’t developed a lot of taste yet.

Keith is walking to basketball practice when the same five girls see him and start chasing him. He ducks into a dress store where owner Janet has no clue who he is. She’s very sarcastic.  I love her! Keith also loves her because she doesn’t know who he is. Keith skips basketball practice to try and impress her. She thinks he’s a douche bag. Keith tells Shirley, who is fake vacuuming the shag carpet, that he thinks he’s in love.

Tracy is eating a second dessert because Laurie didn’t want hers. Mmm…..maybe she was in the back eating carrots instead.

Ummm…..it’s a new day and all of the Partridge characters are in new clothes. Cathy, the girl Shirley found in her azalea bed, is still wearing the same green dress. I wonder if she at least changed her underwear. Gross. Get off my lawn.

Keith finally begs and pleads with sarcastic dress shop owner Janet to come to dinner. Janet agrees just so that Keith will get off her ass. Shirley has also invited groupie star struck azalea girl Cathy for dinner the same night. Oh no! Keith drives over to Cathy’s in the bus to tell her she can’t come to dinner. Why would he take the bus? And instead of going to the door, he just sits out in the bus and honks the horn. What a pig.

He ends up smoothing things over with puppy dog Cathy and breaking things off with Janet. He realized he was becoming a jerk just to impress Janet. I thought he was a jerk to begin with, but whatever.

Jeremy Gelbwaks Ztams Teen Pinups

Chris Partridge

Where’s Chris?

My favorite character, Chris, only had one line in The Partridge Family Episode #6. He got to say “Keith has a girlfriend”. Wow. Way to go, writers. Tracy had way more lines this show and while she’s an adorable little girl, she couldn’t deliver lines like my Chris.

Why in the tag did Keith walk into the kitchen and start drinking out of Shirley’s coffee cup? The show ends with Keith being sad because the hundreds of girls (five) are no longer chasing him. Dude, make up your mind.

This isn’t one of my favorite episodes. Keith is a jerk and Chris is only in one scene. I did like Janet, the dress store owner. She was funny and cutting and sarcastic. My kind of person.

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Partridge Family Episode #6. Please check back in a few days for a new blog. The next Partridge review will be in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jody December 19, 2018 at 11:07 pm #

    Hi Tammy 😊

    So you’re favorite character is “Chris”? So is mine (Jeremy Gelbwaks). He was adorable with those huge blue eyes!

    I love your descriptions of the episodes; great job!

    P.S. ~ I am also very much interested in Peter Criss pics, pin-ups, articles … I found some pin-ups but feel free to let me know if you find more 😊

    Thank you,

    • Tammy December 21, 2018 at 7:42 am #

      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for your comment. If I’m being honest, I think my attraction to Jeremy was the fact that he was a drummer. I was a drummer and he was a cute boy who also drummed (kind of). I resented Brian Forster for taking his place. Ha!

      I know I have tons of Peter Criss but not sure when I’ll get them listed. I’ll try to email when I list some, but it’s also good to just keep checking back.


      P.S. Are you also a drummer?

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