The Partridge Family Episode #9

The Partridge Family Episode #9

The Partridge Family Episode #9

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Danny Partridge

Welcome to my review of The Partridge Family Episode #9. This episode is about Danny thinking he’s funny when he’s not. Hey, kind of like real life for Bonaduce. Kidding! This episode is entitled “Did You Hear the One about Danny Partridge” and originally aired on November 20, 1970.

The Partridge Family Episode #9 opens up with the band in concert. I love their blue outfits! What is Laurie doing with her right hand? She fake plays almost as bad as Chris and Tracy. Is she aware the chord needs to change in her left hand? The band is singing Somebody Wants To Love You which was the B side to the I Think I Love You 45 rpm. I Think I Love You, coincidentally, hit number one on the Billboard charts the week this episode aired.

Danny’s Thing

Danny gets tangled up in his cords during the closing song and freaks out. Never panic on stage, Danny! When trying to get his foot out of the tangle, I guess he unplugged his amp. When Shirley announces her family to the audience, Danny is missing. He’s in back of the amp trying to plug stuff in which really makes no sense since the concert is over. Danny comes out from behind the amp after Shirley announces the band and says “I can’t find my thing”. FYI, I think Bonaduce may still be looking for his thing. Anyway, everyone laughs at lame Danny Partridge. He gets embarrassed and hides out in the bathroom. He throws a lovely pity party while in there. Reuben is able to talk Danny out of the bathroom by telling him how hilarious he is and how he wants to add the comedy bit to the show.

Danny then goes to see Ziggy Shnurr (Morey Amsterdam) to buy jokes. He brings his lunchbox full of pennies (his life savings of $21.47) to buy jokes. Ziggy is a loser and sells Danny really bad jokes.


At the show the next night, Danny tells his dumb jokes. The audience laughs, but they’re laughing at him, not the jokes. Shirley has to force him off stage. Even then, he keeps coming back. That in itself is funny and the audience laughs. Danny thinks he’s a success.

Danny Bonaduce Ztams Teen Pinups
Mischievous Smile

After the show, they cut to a scene of the family driving in the bus. Reuben and Shirley are talking while Reuben is driving the bus. I think that’s rare. He seemed to arrive at the venues on his own most of the time. I wonder why Reuben and Shirley never hooked up. They’re kind of cute together.

When Danny skips band practice the next day to rehearse his jokes, Shirley and Reuben concoct a plan to have a pro listen to Danny’s routine. Danny goes to see Max Pepper (Jackie Coogan) who tells him he’s horrible. Danny realizes he sucks and thanks his mom for not being a bitch to him. He was happy to figure stuff out on his own and learn his own lesson instead of being protected by mommy. Note: Shirley Jones really looks like her son, Shaun Cassidy, in this episode.

The tag is Danny and Shirley going to see Ziggy to take advantage of his money back guarantee. Ziggy tries to sell him other stuff and they end up walking out before they get their money back. The end.

The Partridge Family Episode #9 wasn’t one of my favorite episodes but I am impressed with the work that 10 year old Danny Bonaduce did. He had tons of dialogue and was spot on. The writers and producers must have realized early on that Bonaduce had great comedic chops. He owned many of the episodes.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon.


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