Dancing with the Stars Part II

Dancing with the Stars Part II

Dancing with the Stars Part II

Hello! Welcome to my Dancing with the Stars Part II blog! I reviewed and updated an old blog of mine in the first installment of Dancing with the Stars. You can find that here. I covered the first three seasons with the last blog. I will begin Dancing with the Stars Part II with Season Four. You’re welcome.

Dancing with the Stars Part II Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines
Funny man Joey Fatone

Season 4

The fourth season remained at 11 couples and included Billy Ray Cyrus, Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210), and Joey Fatone from N’Sync. The winner was Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno. I had never heard of him before but thought he was a nice guy and a hard worker. I didn’t know much about Joey Fatone before this but became a fan after seeing him on this show. He’s quite a funny man.

Dancing with the Stars Part II Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines
Cutie Marie Osmond

Season 5

The fifth season was augmented to 12 couples and featured such celebrities as Wayne Newton, Cameron Mathison, Jennie Garth, Marie Osmond (I love her!), Mel B from the Spice Girls (I thought she was nasty), and the winner Helio Castroneves. I had never heard of Helio before but he won my heart. What a sweetie!

Season 6

For some reason, I didn’t really watch too much of season six. I guess I was busy in life. That season featured Steve Guttenberg, Adam Carolla (funny!), Priscilla Presley, Shannon Elizabeth, and was won by Kristi Yamaguchi. Wait. Don’t all Olympic contestants win Dancing with the Stars? It almost doesn’t seem fair. They have a different work ethic than normal people. They should have a special Dancing with the Stars Olympics version.

Dancing with the Stars Part II Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines
Cody Linley

Season 7

Season seven upped the competition to 13 couples. Lucky! (Sarcasm.) I liked this season a lot. I lost all respect for Cloris Leachman. She and Mel B should hang out and be vile together. Ted McGinley of Happy Days and Married with Children was voted off early in the season. Toni Braxton was voted off way too early for her ability. Susan Lucci, who bothers the hell out of me, wasn’t voted off soon enough. I fell in love with Cody Linley who is young enough to be my son. What a great guy. He made me laugh when he talked about chicken and twinkies. Lance Bass was cool. I loved watching everything on Warren Sapp, who was with my team the Oakland Raiders. The season was won by Brooke Burke, who I still don’t know anything about.

Season 8

Season eight was a bit of a disappointment for me. I didn’t like the bubbly happy I poop rainbow girl Shawn Johnson who won the whole thing. I thought runner up Gilles Marini was the best. He is so sexy. The season also featured sweetheart Ty Murray, David Alan Grier, Denise Richards, Belinda Carlisle (Go-Go’s), and some other people I don’t know. Once again, an Olympic person won the event. They should be banned from this reality show.

I still have some more opinions on other seasons of Dancing with the Stars so I’ll meet you all back here again in two days for my third installment.  Thanks for reading.


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