My friend Hilda told me about this new show called Friends. This was back in the mid 90’s when I was working in customer service for a newspaper company. I hadn’t started watching this new show called Friends, but I trusted Hilda’s opinion. I now watch Friends at least three times a day. Yes, I’ve seen all of the episodes and have many memorized word for word. So what? (Cue Miles Davis.)

Friends was/is one of the best shows ever. It ran for ten great seasons from 1994 to 2004. The show was originally called Insomnia Café before switching to Friends Like Us. The series finally decided to simply name the show Friends.

I love all of the characters, but I especially love Joey, Phoebe, and Ross. They always make me laugh the most. Phoebe’s songs were the greatest. Who could forget such lyrics as:
Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo
Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo
Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up
And that’s how we get hamburgers.


Now grandma’s a person who everyone likes
She brought you a train and a bright shiny bike
But lately she hasn’t been coming to dinner
And last time you saw her she looked so much thinner.
Now your mom and your dad said she moved to Peru,
But the truth is she died and someday you will too

And I know we all know the lyrics to Smelly Cat, so I won’t even bother to post them.

Some of my favorite moments are probably insignificant to other fans, but….. My favorite scenes:

  • The Thanksgiving football game where Rachel throws the ball and hits Monica in the face.
  • Phoebe’s dad’s reaction at the coffee house when he realizes he’s been talking to his daughter.
  • Drunk Ross and Rachel in Vegas.
  • When Joey speaks French.
  • When Ross has Unagi.
  • Chandler in the race car bed.
  • Monica and Richard’s first kiss.
  • Phoebe running in the park.

  • Janeane Garofalo and Jami Gertz were both offered the part of Monica.
  • Leah Remini auditioned for the role of Monica.
  • Courteney Cox originally asked to play Rachel. She asked to play Monica after reading the parts.
  • Elizabeth Berkley auditioned for the role of Rachel.
  • Tea Leoni was the first choice for Rachel.
  • Jon Cryer was offered the role of Chandler.
  • Jon Favreau was offered the role of Chandler.
  • Before the show was cast, the main love interest on the show was going to be Monica and Joey.
    Phoebe and Chandler were originally only going to be supporting roles with Chandler being gay.
  • There have been many guest stars throughout the years, including eight Oscar winning actors: Charlton Heston, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Helen Hunt, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Robin Williams, and George Clooney.
  • The main characters are named after All My Children characters.
  • The first time Tom Selleck appeared on the show, the live audience gave him a standing ovation and wouldn’t stop clapping. The scenes couldn’t be used so Tom had to re-do his scenes without the audience.
  • Bruce Willis appeared for free in his two-episode performance after losing a bet to Matthew Perry.
  • The actor playing Gunther (James Michael Tyler) was actually working in a coffee shop in Hollywood when he got the role. He kept his coffee job for the first four seasons.
  • The opening scene in the fountain was shot at Warner Bros at 4AM.
  • So, yeah. Friends is awesome. I’m watching it right now as I prepare this blog. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this show. I know all of The Brady Bunch episodes by heart and have seen all of those a million times. After 30+ years, I’m still not tired of that show. I think Friends is like that. As Joey would say (in French), “toute-de-le-fruit”.

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