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Lost in Space
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Lost in Space

Warning Will Robinson! Warning Will Robinson! Have you watched the new Lost in Space on Netflix? I wasn’t a fan of Lost in Space way back when but I did check out the new Netflix one. It’s pretty good. It’s already been renewed for a second season. Yay!

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Will Robinson (Billy Mumy)

Sister Lori watched the original Lost in Space but I was too young to be annoying and like the show just because she did. (I got really good at that later.) I know she had a crush on Will Robinson who was played by Billy Mumy. She later had a crush on Danny Partridge (Danny Bonaduce) from The Partridge Family. I guess she had a thing for redheads.

The show was basically about a family lost in space. Duh. It first aired on September 15, 1965. The family, along with the addition of a pilot, were trying to create a colony so that other people could go hang there. Dr. Smith ended up being a stowaway which threw off the weight of the vessel. This is the reason they were lost in space. Dr. Smith screwed it all up.

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith (played by Jonathan Harris) was only supposed to be a short-term character. The actor portraying him wanted the gig to last longer, so he improvised. He would rewrite his dialogue and deliver it in a more feminine and flamboyant way. I guess people liked it. Bill Mumy (Will) said that Jonathan Harris single-handedly created the character of Dr. Smith. FYI, Jonathan Harris was out and proud way back in the 60’s. Good for him.  I’ve also read that he was married to his childhood sweetheart, Gertrude, his whole life so who knows.  Congrats either way.

The main cast was John Robinson (Guy Williams), Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart), Don West (Mark Goddard), Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen), Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright), Will Robinson (Billy Mumy), and Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris).

It sounds like Guy Williams was the Robert Reed (Brady Bunch) of the show. He didn’t like the writing and I think was jealous of the attention Dr. Smith received. I’m guessing he thought he would be the star. Oopsie. So sorry. You were wrong.


  • The theme music was written by John Williams. Very cool. He’s listed in the credits as Johnny Williams.
  • The first season was shot in black and white. The last two seasons were in color.
  • The original series takes place beginning in the future of 1997. The current Netflix series takes place beginning in the future of 2048. Both series went ahead about 30 years into the future.
  • The original pilot (there were two) didn’t feature Dr. Smith, but he ended up becoming the most popular character.
  • Carroll O’Connor was considered for the role of Dr. Smith. Yeah, I don’t see that.
  • Billy Mumy said in interviews that his father/son scenes with Guy Williams were some of his most favorite ever. He also said Will Robinson was his favorite role of all time and would jump at the chance to play it again. FYI, he portrays Dr. Smith in the new Netflix series.
  • Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright hooked up after the show was canceled. That’s kind of gross. They played brother and sister. I guess it’s like Greg and Marcia Brady.

A lot was learned about the original Lost in Space while researching for this blog. I may go back and watch a couple episodes. It would be interesting to see Dr. Smith and his shenanigans. I’m very excited to watch the second season of Lost in Space on Netflix. It’s really good. You should check it out.

Lost in Space Ztams Teen Pinups
Netflix Lost in Space
Lost in Space Ztams Teen Pinups
Lost in Space cast


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