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I forgot about Pretty Little Liars. I started watching it and was really into it, but then I guess life got busy. The below blog was written after having viewed only a few episodes.

2011 Blog

I hate when my husband gets me hooked on a show. I have too much to do and already watch far too much television. While I had some time off recently from my main job, my hubby got me hooked on Pretty Little Liars. Damn him! When he initially told me how good the show was, I just kind of laughed at him because I thought it was a kid’s show. I’ve only watched six or seven episodes, but I must tell you, it’s really good!

PLL kind of reminds me of Beverly Hills, 90210 meets I Know What You Did Last Summer. There are four main girls who are freaked out because someone is basically stalking them and leaving messages for them. This person leaves very personal messages about things that only their murdered friend would know. This leads me to think that maybe the murdered friend isn’t actually dead. I don’t know, but they’re making it seem like she could be alive. I also think the cute teacher dude has something to do with all the stalking and secret messages. One of the main girl’s mom received a typewritten letter telling her that her husband had an affair. Who uses a typewriter these days? This teacher has an old typewriter in his apartment. Mmmm…… I should be a detective.

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The show has some people I recognize and know (so yes, older people). Chad Lowe plays the cheating husband. Scum! I don’t like him now. Kidding! I know he’s just acting. He’s Rob Lowe‘s little brother and he used to be married to Hilary Swank. It seems to me like she could totally whoop his ass. Anyway….I also recognize Laura Leighton. She plays a slutty mom on the show. I remember her as Sydney from Melrose Place. Wasn’t she slutty on there too? I recognize Nia Peeples who plays the mom of a lesbian who’s afraid to come out. Nia was on Fame as a kid and on my soap opera (The Young and the Restless). She’s been on a million other things too.

Pretty Little Liars focuses around four main girls. Lucy Hale plays Aria, the beautiful mature girl who’s doin’ it with her hot English teacher. Troian Bellisario plays Spencer, the smart overachiever with the bitchy older sister. Ashley Benson plays Hanna, the former fatty. Ashley was on Days of Our Lives for a few years before PLL. Shay Mitchell plays Emily, the beautiful lesbian who’s afraid to tell anyone she’s a lesbian. Remember, I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show so my descriptions of the characters could change once I’ve seen all of the episodes.

I want to hurry and finish this blog so that I can watch another couple episodes. The last episode I watched had the four girls freaked out because when they walked into the bedroom, they found Go Suck A Butt written on the mirror in blood red lipstick (just like the murdered girl used to wear) Nah. Not really. It actually said something like It won’t be that easy bitches. Potty mouth.

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I just checked Netflix and Hulu but didn’t see Pretty Little Liars listed. Does anyone know where I can view all seven seasons? I’d like to watch the first season over again and then see what happens to everyone.

I just read an article that said all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars was on Netflix but was removed on July 27, 2019. Today is July 28, 2019. Kind of weird and maybe a little creepy that I chose to write this blog today. Mmm…..

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