Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons
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Silver Spoons

Here we are, face to face
A couple of Silver Spoons.
Hopin’ to find, we’re two of a kind
Making a go, making it grow.

Together, we’re going to find our way.
Together, taking the time each day.
To learn all about those things you just can’t buy.

The Champ

Silver Spoons was a cool little show. I had been a fan of Ricky Schroder‘s since his acting debut in the 1979 remake of The Champ. Man, the end of that movie was tough. I hate crying in public. I felt a little better because everyone else in the theater was crying. No! Champ! No! Champ! Is he out? Is he out? What’s the matter, Champ? Champ, wake up! Wake up! Hey, don’t sleep now. We got to go home. Got to go home, Champ. Mister, help me. Wake him up! Please, wake him up! That was heartbreaking.

Silver Spoons pinup Ztams Teen Pinups
Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons was a sitcom that aired in 1982 and ended in 1987. It’s about a mature 12 year old boy (Ricky) and his immature father. Ricky’s dad is all about video games and pinball and having fun. Ricky is much more mature than his pinball playing father, Edward Stratton III (played by Joel Higgins). Hey, that sounds exactly like me and my middle school students. Most of my students (okay, all of them) are more mature than I am, and I own a lot of pinball machines. I have all Gottlieb pinball machines from the early 1970’s. Okay, back to Silver Spoons.

Derek Taylor

My favorite character on the show was Derek Taylor which was played by Jason Bateman. Derek Taylor was Ricky’s best friend for only the first two seasons because Bateman was so awesome that they gave him his own show. He starred in the shows It’s Your Move and then The Hogan Family.


Another one of my favorite characters was Freddy Lippincottleman. He was played by handsome Corky Pigeon. He wasn’t handsome when he was 12, but he’s gorgeous now. I wish I had a pinup of him to sell you. Freddy disappeared in 1985 because either Ricky or Ricky’s mom thought The Ricker was being upstaged. Well, yeah! Freddy was awesome! The show would have lasted longer if they had kept Corky. If he weren’t already cool enough, Corky is a drummer. He’s drummed with a lot of bands since Silver Spoons.


Alfonso Ribeiro joined the cast as Ricky’s friend, Alfonso Spears, in 1984. Ribeiro went on to play one of my most favorite characters ever, Carlton Banks, on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I laugh at that character daily. I think he’s a pretty talented guy. He can sing and dance and, most importantly, be funny.

Famous Guest Stars

Some of the many guest stars to appear on Silver Spoons throughout the years:

My ex-husband bought the first season on DVD for my birthday when it was released in 2007. It’s awesome. I don’t have the other four seasons yet but may start looking around. I thought this was a good show that featured a lot of great characters. Thanks for reading! Please check back soon for a new blog.


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