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8-Track Tapes

8-Track Tapes Are you old enough to remember the 8-track tape? While vinyl is probably the favorite for my ears, 8-track tapes hold a special place in my heart (and storage in my garage). Along with drinking water from the hose, Pop Rocks, Big Wheels, The Brady Bunch, and Pong, 8-tracks were part of my […]

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Jumping the Shark Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars

Jumping the Shark

Jumping the Shark Jumping the Shark is a term that was coined in 1985 by some bored (drunk?) college students who binge watched Nickelodeon. The term originally applied to only TV shows but its groovy phrase has since expanded to include other things. We’ll only be talking about TV shows here. Jumping the Shark is […]

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Kenny Stabler Ztams Teen Pinups & Rock Magazines Child Stars

Kenny Stabler

Kenny Stabler Kenny Stabler may not have been a typical teen idol in the day, but he was a very special person for me. Ken “The Snake” Stabler was the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in the 1970’s and was my sports hero. I even wrote a book report about him when I was in […]

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Aaron Spelling Ztams Teen Pinups & Magazines

Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling Yeah, I know Aaron Spelling wasn’t a teen idol. I still want to write about him though because he is responsible for a ton of great shows. He’s also the father of one of my favorite actresses, Tori Spelling. Aaron Spelling was born in Dallas, Texas a really long time ago. He was […]

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Randy Mantooth Kevin Tighe magazine Ztams Teen Pinups


TV Sidekicks Do you ever wonder how TV sidekicks become sidekicks? Did they start out that way? There seems to always be a favorite that emerges from a singing group. I don’t believe groups start out that way. They don’t say, “Hey, you play bass. You play drums. You just look cute and get all […]

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1979 16 mag


Am I the only one not interested in the total eclipse happening today? I understand that the last one occurred in 1979. While all y’all are out looking at the sun and going blind, I am going to write about groovy stuff (not the eclipse) that happened in the year 1979. The top grossing movie […]

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Tammy Levi Ztams


Hello! I used to have a pretty happening blog that made millions thousands hundreds…..okay, a FEW people laugh. It died somewhere. It’s lost in cyberspace. It just went poof one day. (FYI, I went poof earlier.) My entire website, all 30,000+ items, have been moved to a new format. I figure now’s a good time […]

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